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Anyone who wants to permit another person to perform certain legal acts on his or her behalf needs a power of attorney (or.The following information will help you determine whether you need an attorney.

Is only the first question.The law may be different in the state where you signed your Power of Attorney. .

Your Power of Attorney is an important legal document. .For example, you may be temporarily unconscious due to a motor vehicle accident, and your agent must weigh the benefits and risks between immediate surgery and trying medication first.

Provided you have a person you can trust, you should have a power of attorney for both finances and health care.For a health care power of attorney, it is important that you talk with your agent about your wishes for your medical care.If the Power of Attorney has been given to the agent, an institution, or has already been recorded, you should execute a document revoking the Power of Attorney that is witnessed and acknowledged in the same manner as the first Power of Attorney. .