Toilet bowl clogged with toilet paper

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Toilet bowl clogged with toilet paper
when plunging. (Hot water helps break up toilet paper quicker and the soap lubricates the passage of solid material). Stick the plunger in the bowl and use it to

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Cambridge English Corpus, in newborns meconium ileus is common, the small intestine is clogged with thick meconium caused by the abnormally thick mucus from the intestinal glands.The One Tree Donaldson, Stephen.

Special long-lasting, food safe rubber balls are bounced against the bottom of the screen mesh from a perforated plate below and dislodge the clogged particles.Originally all wood (hence the name later wooden soles with leather uppers for the front of the foot only.Cambridge English Corpus, when a generative syntactician speaks of different grammars, there is no implication that speakers have dozens of nearly identical grammars clogging their brains.

Meaning "choke up with extraneous matter" is 17c.Our city's vascular system is getting clogged, it's getting sick, and we should pay attention.

The storm drains were clogged with litter and other urban detritus, most of the streetlights were out, and graffiti and gang signs had been spray-painted everywhere.Donaldson I should have tried to answer the questions had not the expression of his face so clogged my tongue that nothing seemed to come from it right.All about them it's surface was clogged with floating debris.

Leno asked about his recent cardiovascular surgery in which doctors installed a stent to open up a clogged artery.Verb (used without object clogged, clogging.