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Only - lower 48) Uke Vintage Mahogany Concert w/Preamp 119.00 free shipping (U.S.Soprano ukuleles are most commonly tuned at gcea.Only - lower 48) Uke Vintage Mahogany Tenor 119.00 free shipping (U.S.

Uke Coral - All Solid Mahogany 199.00 free shipping (U.S.The larger size allows for more space along the neck and wider frets, making this uke handy for fingerpicking.

Only - lower 48) Uke Vintage Mahogany Pineapple - Red Satin.00 free shipping (U.S.Only - lower 48) Uke Bari-Bass w/ Preamp Gigbag - Quilt Ash 369.00 free shipping (U.S.

Only - lower 48) Uke honu Turtle Spruce Soprano w/Gigbag 109.00 free shipping (U.S.Baritone ukuleles have wider neck profiles which offer more room between the frets, allowing for a much deeper and full tone.

Only - lower 48) The Ukulele revival has ushered in a new era of acceptance and respect of this instrument as a world stage leader.Only - lower 48) Uke Love Music Peace Soprano - Mahogany.00 free shipping (U.S.