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Discover the affordability, wiley, e-Texts offer.A separate promo song "Hottie" was released on Valentine's Day, featuring Roll Deep member Manga.See Clear Now took Wiley in a mainstream direction.

On, Wiley released a song called "Bright Lights which features Giggs and Juelz Santana.God's Gift from Deck Collecters Crew, Flow Dan and Riko Dan joined soon after.Retrieved 3 November 2017.

The instrumentation (such as the slower, house style beat and lack of sub bass ) 24 caused some unrest within the Grime scene, as Wiley had previously vowed that he would never change his origin to break into the mainstream.Wiley has always had a strong presence in the grime scene and his music has often influenced the up-and-coming MCs and producers.

" Wiley It's All Fun And Games Till Vol.1".10 Though Cowie stopped selling drugs, he still associated with criminal gangs and associated with people that took part in criminal activities.

Retrieved M (4 February 2014).Despite its success, Wiley has disowned the album as he was "very angry" with the label Asylum, about the production and also unhappy about his management at the time.Other grime artists have cited Wiley as a big influence in their careers.