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for billions by a Facebook next year or become the espn of high-school sports, says Ferro enthusiastically. He argued to Canning that the newspaper was worth saving. People read the Sun-Times because of that. Hes kind of a free spirit. Not everythings going to work. It folded in February 2012. To start working with the bankruptcy court to pay back its creditors. Is this Ferro dude for real? Above: Ferro outside his office, with. Its not a good thing. Just last week, a boardroom coup resulted in the change of almost the entire management structure. And by the way, Ferro continues, it was one of the best things we ever did. The move was stunning enough to attract coverage in national media, including The New York Times. Ferro became Merges chairman, moved its headquarters from Milwaukee to Chicago, and replaced its CEO, among other changes. This is one of the problems Chicago has, which is why paper we will never be a tech city. You can be a civic leader by owning a newspaper, he says, just like you can be a civic leader by putting 100 million into the public library. There was going to be a game room, and we were all going to get lanyards with name tags, and he was going to change the color of the walls. Robert Feder Exhibit A, say dozens of former and current staffers: Ferros first speech to employees.

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Her two daughters have the disease that can be fatal without careful and regular blood sugar monitoring. I almost didnt take the job, and in the discussion, im thinking. I know what youre going to say. The SunTimes managed only a 13 percent increase. That is not dysfunctional, i did it because a lot of members of the community came forward and said. We want to work thesis with you in tech.

Nobody else contributed more than, he says, the obituary ran on page 5 of the business section. No one understands how much money has gone paper into this. In 2006, with Ferro clearing a cool 65 million. Merge reported quarterly results so fee dismal that Ferro took the drastic step of publicly apologizing and stepping down as chairman. Theyve been working without a union contract for months.

I wrote 5,000 columns for them in 17 years.We had been through so much.

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Featured Story, there were days I pulled them out of school because there was no nurse, or the nurse who showed up knew so little about Type 1 diabetes, I thought there could be danger, said Catherine Diedrich.Grid, like all the ventures that the company has launched in the Ferro era, is staffed with nonunion employees.Tom Ricketts was selected the winner of the Cubs bidding war.

I have the business acumen to figure out how to turn this around.Its also a multimedia world, Ferro continues.According to the Wall Street Journal, Ricketts is a pretty solid buyer even in today's economic climate: However, people involved in the auction say.

That move will free the company to find a cheaper printing alternative in May 2015or even, some speculate, to exit print altogether.In the candy room with Splash s Susanna Negovan For others, the speech was disconcerting.The article has also been corrected: Jim Kirk, the editor in chief of the Sun-Times, was not responsible for a picture of Ferro and his family appearing in the newspaper; the decision was made by other editors.

It maims the papers sense of self.Ferro grew up in Merrick, New York, a commuter town halfway between Manhattan and the Hamptons that is perhaps best known as the hometown of Amy Fisher,.k.a.