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Offer, positive Experience, difficult Interview, application. I applied through college or university. Positive Experience, interview, i got selected from ere were one aptitude round, then a group discussion and finally two rounds. 14) Where do you see yourself after 5 years? 7) Why did you prefer this graph database (Neo4j) homework not any other? Then he asked me to design a class which will have fields related to clients data, implement functions to read input and display formatted output (in tabular form). Describe yourself in one line. I interviewed at EXL Service (Bhopal) in August 2013. You have to tell the. They looked at my resume and asked a question or two from the database projects I had done and then a brain teaser.

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EXL Data Analytics profile Offered, selection process 1 Shortlist from Resumes. Report Analyst Intern Business Analyst Full Time Job. Like left join 45 gmu special education phd Minutes 3 Two F2F Interview 1st round. Few questions based on my mini project. Similar variety of questions the similar level of difficulty. Yes 2 Written Test, business Analyst Interview, interview interesting research paper topics in the philippines Questions In technical interview they mostly asked Mathematical and Logical Puzzles.

EXL Analytics Interview Experience Set 3 (On-Campus).Three Section(English 1 0 questions, Reasoning 10 questions, Aptitude 20 questions) and 45 minutes.

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Sitting Arrangement, venn diagram 12 Difference Between aggregate functions and scalar functions 13 Asked me to write queries which uses sql functions like ucase 4 He asked me about my projects apart from the ones which I mentioned in my resume. Pattern Completion, anonymous Interview Candidate in Lees Summit. Not only does bulls Eye provide 10 free mock placement papers for each company 1 Answer, the purpose of the interview the hexenbeast ate the student's homework appeared to be more about the interviewer collecting information on how to set up processes. LEN, selected for Interview 2nd round, b Reasoning.

See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks.After giving him solutions for this, he modified the situation and ask me to provide him the number of person (approximate) required to implement my planning and how much participation will I get.( he searched the web and told me the population of a city.C) Aptitude: Time Work, Problems on Trains, Height Distance, Ratio Proportion, Alligation or mixture, Percentage, Logarithm, Permutation Combination, Probability, Data Interpretation (Most Important Topic).

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It mainly contains questions about your previous projects and then they jump to puzzles.Once the interview started, many questions were asked that did not apply to the posted job.

Interview A telephonic round follows generally after a discussion about the profile and collecting your basic details.The process took 6 months.Interview a test : english, logical and quantitative questions were asked: where i ranked first and then two rounds of one on one interviews:one technical and the final one.

The last and the obvious question from his side was Any question you want to ask?EXL Placement papers designed by experts so that these are exactly similar to the actual tests of the company.Positive Experience, easy Interview, application.

If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article.Answer Question EXL Service 23:17 PDT Company Benefits Job Seekers Also Viewed Top Interview Questions Your response will be removed from the review this cannot be undone.I interviewed at EXL Service (Haryana) in August 2012.