How to make paper pirate hats out of newspaper

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How to make paper pirate hats out of newspaper

an eye patch to match your hat! Lay the paper out flat. You can also use a large piece of regular paper. 4, to start the fold, bend the paper so the top edge touches the bottom edge. Fold in top corners, fold up on dotted lines, there yer have one quick 'n easy pirate paper hat. Be careful if you are using scissors, as paper they could be very sharp. Alternatively, you can undo the folds on the hat, trim the paper to a smaller size, and repeat the folds. Fold the bottom flap of this side of the paper up, matching your fold from the other side. Did this article help you? You can add whatever decorations you want to the hat, but one of the most common themes on pirate hats is the skull and crossbones design, or "Jolly Roger". Your pirate hat can be decorated with whatever you want! 5, fold the brim of the hat. Upload paper a picture for other readers to see. Click here to share your story.

Click here, make the hat on a hard table or floor. You can print these directions by clicking here 2 Try on your hat, for more fun Arts Crafts projects. This will help you get good folds. Press down where the paper bends. Take sheet A3 paper punch half inch size paper newspaper and fold through middle. The top part of the hat is now folded. Lift the front bottom flap and fold. Making a smooth and crisp crease. You agree to our cookie policy.

Fold the bottom margin of one side of the paper up toward the middle to start making the brim of your hat.This single fold may cover the triangles.If it doesn t, then fold the bottom strip of paper again so the strip is covering the triangles.

How to make paper pirate hats out of newspaper

question 4, on the hat with markers or paint. Begin with a single rectangular sheet of newspaper or other soft. Have fun wearing your hat for play or for a costume.

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Flip the hat over.They will meet in the middle.

Flip the paper over, then lift the bottom flap and fold.5, start with the upper left corner.

3, fold the paper in half.Did you try these steps?

7 One piece at the bottom of each flap and one on each side in the middle is probably enough to keep the hat together.3 Decorate the hat.