How to make paper valentine baskets

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How to make paper valentine baskets: Desjarlais 1996 paper on shamanism in napel

also easy to make with upcycled paper bags, magazines, catalogues, or paper even book pages. Weave Strip 2 through, strip. Unfold and put a staple in the right hand corner, then in the opposite corner. . If available, use a pair of pinking shears or decorative edge scissors for a lacy edge effect. Cut through both thicknesses at once and hold the paper as tightly as possible to prevent the layers from slipping across each other and and creating uneven strips. So we just added a bit of tissue paper fringe and we had a cute basket that mom and dad didnt have to spend a lot of time or money fact, we just gathered supplies around the house and didnt cost them anything extra. Take a pencil and push the tip into each of the stapled corners so they open up into little cone shapes. To start weaving, take Strip 1 and weave it through the loop of Strip. Staple on the chenille stem for the handle. Place the point of the pie toward you and fold it up to the edge, as shown here. Next, weave Strip 1 around, strip.

How to make paper valentine baskets

Wrapping Paper, heres how to make Paper Plate Heart Shaped Valentines Holder. But it wasnt easy and I nearly bent it irreparably. After both rectangles open ends are cut into a semicircle shape. Make a Handle, cut strips from the tissue paper. You should now have a long paper strip with the printed design on both sides. Ive discovered its usually not easiest to weave the first strip completely and then journals move on to the second. Attaching the Basket Handle, and, press down all the creases quite firmly as these are the origami lines that will form studies the basket shape in just a minute.

This step will involve a bit of experimentation to determine what works best for you and your paper. Sew on accents like buttons or beads if you like. Decide how many strips you want and how wide youd like them. This little bit of extra space helps you weave the strips and ensures they all fit. Fold the double circle in half and in half again so you now have a quarter circle like a large piece of pie. T want the lines on the template showing on your basket. Us sisters actually made some delicious cookies from some bulk dehydrated fruits that mom had in the pantry. Set a sandwich plate or similar circleshape of the right size on top of your construction paper or wrapping paper and trace around it using a pencil.

Each of us kids made one, even the little kids.I usually draw my first curve, cut that rectangle to shape, and then trace it onto the second rectangle.

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While keeping the paper folded, cut along the 3 inside lines.When you open out the circles and gently push down the bottom lo and behold they will become the basic square shape of your Valentine basket.As I mentioned above, I experimented with creating more than 3 strips and discovered it is possible, but more difficult.

Then weave Strip 2 around, strip.Glue the ends on the inside of the heart basket.Use your ruler and pencil to make small tic marks along the folded edge on one side of a rectangle.

If this is your first time making this craft, you can label the tips of the 4 strips on each template.You Will Need: » six inch paper doily » sandwich plate slightly larger the doily (or another round item to make a circle this size) » construction paper, wrapping paper or scrapbook paper » small piece of double-sided adhesive tape or a drop of craft.

Finish weaving Strip 2 by weaving it through, strip.Lets grab some paper and get started!We lined the rims of our basket holders.