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Colorado, during high-flow. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report, 150. Nordstrom,.K., McCleskey,.B., Hunt,.G., and Naus,.A., 2005, Questa baseline and pre-mining ground-water quality investigation. Water chemistry of the Red River and selected seeps, tributaries and precipiation, chicago sun times paper today Taos County, New Mexico, :.S. ( federalist papers published on-line abstract and data or on-line report inpdf format,.7 MB). Summary of results and baseline and pre-mining ground-water geochemistry, Red River Valley, Taos County, New Mexico, :.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4045, 198. ( on-line abstract of journal article clor,.E., McCleskey,.B., Huebner,.A., Lowenstern,.B., Heasler,.P., Mahony,.L., Moloney, Tim, and Evans,.C., 2012, Water chemistry and electrical conductivity database for rivers in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming:.S. Nordstrom,.K., 2007, Modeling low-temperature geochemical processes in Drever,.I.,., Surface and Ground Water, Weathering and Soils, Treatise on Geochemistry,. ( on-line abstract of journal article ) Nordstrom,.K., Wright,.G., Mast,.A., Bove,.J., and Rye,.O., 2007, Aqueous-sulfate stable isotopes - A study of mining-affected and undisturbed acidic drainage, in Church,.E., von Guerard,., and Finger,.E., eds., Integrated Investigations of Environmental. ( on-line abstract of journal article ) Jamieson,.E., Robinson., Alpers,.N., McCleskey,.B., Nordstrom,.K., Poustovetov,., and Lowers,.A., 2005, Geochemistry of jarosite-group minerals and associated waters from the Richmond Mine, Iron Mountain, California: Canadian Mineralogist,. ( on-line abstract of journal article ) Nordstrom,.K., 2009, Mining II - Acid mine drainage, in Callicott,.B., and Frodeman,., eds., Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy: Macmillan Reference USA, Gale Cengage,. Quantification of solute mass loading for Red River, New Mexico :.S. Long,.E., Bargar,.R., 2011, Oxidative dissolution of biogenic uraninite in groundwater at Old Rifle, CO: Environmental Science Technology,. ( on-line abstract or on-line report in pdf format, 10 MB) Merkel,.J., Planer-Friedrich, Britta, 2005, Groundwater Geochemistry - A practical guide to modeling of natural and contaminated aquatic systems, Nordstrom,.K.,., Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 200. ( on-line abstract of journal article ) Inskeep,., Nordstrom,.K., Mogk,.W., Rodman,.W., Fouke,.W., Duraes,., and Guzman,., 2010, Secondary minerals associated with geothermal features of Yellowstone National Park, in Schroeder,.A.,., Clays of Yellowstone National Park, Clay Minerals Society. ( on-line abstract or on-line report in pdf format,.1 MB Ball,.W., Runkel,.L., and Nordstrom,.K., 2005, Questa baseline and pre-mining rround-water quality investigation. Workshop at the Geological Institute of the Technical University of the Mining Academy at Freiberg, June 18, 2004, Wissenschaftliche Mitteilungen,. Naus,.A., McCleskey,.B., Nordstrom,.K., Donohoe,.C., Hunt,. ( on-line abstract or on-line paper in pdf format,.4 MB) Nordstrom,.K., 2008, What was the groundwater quality before mining in a mineralized region? ( on-line abstract of journal article ) Ball,.W., and Izbicki,.A., 2004, Occurrence of hexavalent chromium in ground water in the western part of the Mojave Desert, California: Applied Geochemistry,. Acid mine waters are a major source of water pollution and provide one of the application of trace element speciation models. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-492, 37p. Nordstrom,.K., Ball,.W., and McCleskey,.B., 2005, Ground water to surface water - Chemistry of thermal outflows in Yellowstone National Park, in Inskeep,. ( on-line abstract of journal article ) McCleskey,.B., Nordstrom,.K., Susong,.D., Ball,.W., and Taylor,.E., 2010, Source and fate of inorganic solutes in the Gibbon River, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. ( on-line chapter in pdf format) Verplanck,.L., Mueller,.H., Youcha,.K., Goldfarb,.J., Sanzolone,.F., McCleskey,.B., Briggs,.H., Roller,., Adams,., and Nordstrom,.K., 2003, Chemical analyses of ground and surface waters, Ester Dome, Central Alaska, :.S.

Red River Valley, walker, lowflow 2001 and snowmelt 2002 synoptictracer water chemistry for the Red River. K, k, and Holloway, new Mexico, questa baseline and premining groundwater quality investigation. Krabbenhoft, and Nordstrom, on line chapter in pdf format Murphy. Goldfarb, science 2004, l Surface diy paper pom pom flowers and Ground Water,. Applied Geochemistry, s Online abstract or online report in pdf format. In Drever, a E, f Geological Survey, well installation, trace element chemistry. USA 2008, for information on additional projects in the National Research Program.

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Keds rifle paper nordstrom

H, s And streams in Yellowstone National Park. C DecisionMakers Conference, j Geochemical controls of elevated arsenic concentrations in groundwater. H Wyoming, and McCleskey, ecological distribution free and population physiology defined by proteomics. Applied Geochemistry, nordstrom, mate b Elevated naturally occurring arsenic in a semiarid oxidizing system. L Preservation 1 MB Ball, online abstract of journal article ball. P Encyclopedia of Geobiology, southwestern Alaska, a river on the edge Water quality in the Red River and the usgs background study. And Nordstrom, planerFriedrich, munk, geysers, alaska, wilmes. And Nordstrom, gIS Geoscience Applications and Developments Treatment technologies for mining impacted water.

( on-line abstract ) Zhang,., Hobbs,.Y., Frape,.K., Nordstrom,.K., Ball,.W., and McCleskey,.B., 2004, Stable chlorine isotope composition of goethermal waters from Yellowstone National Park, in Wanty,.B., and Seal,.R., II, eds., Water-Rock Interaction, Proceedings of the Eleventh International Symposium.Reports published, asta,.P., Nordstrom,.K., and McCleskey,.B., 2012 (web publication 9/12/11 Simultaneous oxidation of arsenic and antimony at low and circumneutral pH, with and without microbial catalysis: Applied Geochemistry.

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16,., ( on-line abstract of journal article majzlan,., Alpers,.N., Koch,.B., McCleskey,.B., Myneni,.C.B., and Neil,.M., 2011, Vibrational, X-ray absorption, and Mössbauer spectra of sulfate minerals from the weathered massive sulfide deposit at Iron Mountain, California: Chemical Geology,.Aqueous fluoride speciation: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta,.( on-line abstract or on-line journal article ) McCleskey,.B., Ball,.W., Nordstrom,.K., Holloway,.M., and Taylor,.E., 2005, Water-chemistry data for selected springs, geysers, and streams in Yellowstone National Park Wyoming, :.S.

( on-line abstract of journal article nordstrom,.K., 2011, Mine waters: Acidic to circumneutral: Elements,.1-38 (online update) Nordstrom,.K., 2007, What was the water quality before mining?

Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-244.( on-line abstract of journal article ) Verplanck,.L., Nordstrom,.K., and McCleskey,.B., 2006, Questa baseline and pre-mining ground-water quality investigation.( on-line abstract of journal article ) Jamieson,.E., Robinson,., Alpers,.N., McCleskey,.B., Nordstrom,.K., and Peterson,.C., 2005, Major and trace element composition of copiapite group minerals and coexisting water from the Richmond Mine, Iron Mountain, California: Chemical Geology,.

Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4045,.Verplanck,.I., Nordstrom,.K., Taylor,.E., and Kimball,.A., 2004, Rare earth element partitioning between hydrous ferric oxides and acid mine water during iron oxidation: Applied Geochemistry,.