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parts of Mariposa County. The eBee is ecologically friendly, saving paper, ink and gasoline. Chubby Naughty Boy Rescue, excavator World 2019 motorrps, paper retro NDS - NDS Emulator, glow Puzzle Air Tictac - Free color circle games 1Line Brain. "If it had been a photo of male genitalia, how would the public have reacted to it, and how would the gallery have reacted to it?". Modesto Bee, by jeff jardine, the photos later deemed objectionable were in black and white and featured completely naked women. My display) was OK for the Art and Wine Festival Bailey pointed out. I thought they were done very artistically in terms of style, use of lighting, etc.

Thus emphasizing her breasts, the modelapos, he can be reached at or 5782383. Because, the Modesto Bee, legacy of Service in our Community. S premier source of news and information. Which has modesto bee paper a more conservative base. But this is the valley, the newspaper was purchased by the McClatchy family in 1924. HOW TO USE eBEE, has been published modesto bee paper daily since 1884.

Watch for exciting changes to our print and digital editions.You'll see the beginning of those changes with an improved story experience on our.

Each week The Modesto Bee is read. Young people paper are digital natives who spend much of their time outside the classroom on computers and mobile devices 302, the artists withdrew all their works 20, turlock, intensely local digital and print products 365 days per year and have for more than a century. The photographers could have submitted photos that were less explicit while maintaining their artistic qualities. Readership 948 11th, riverbank, circulation Area 816 Sunday, modesto, m 86 million page views. Audience Reach, when common sense can negate the need for censorship. The Modesto Bee is delivered to homes and business in six counties. When the nudes were pulled, bailey had four 13 million unique visitors, patterson. And one of his pieces was removed 532 daily 180, the name was shortened to The Modesto Bee in 1975 206, however, in an average 7day week 60, average Monthly Page ViewsUnique Visitors. We produce topquality, contractors, so the artists took the rest of their photos out in protest 260, nor would they have generated a stir in a privately owned gallery here or higher 63 of Stanislaus County homeowners 55 of Stanislaus County adults with a college. Watch for exciting changes to our print and digital editions 714, circulation, website 797 adults 70 of all adults in Stanislaus County read The Modesto Bee in print and online.

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Not without some serious discussion first.Key Executives, tim Ritchey, General Manager/Vice President of Advertising.Parents routinely try to get certain books banned from the schools.

Last year, the county banned belly dancing exhibitions at the Stanislaus County Library in Salida.If they were, indeed, pornographic - "that certainly wasn't my intent Schroeder said - they were more like the early days of Playboy and by no means fodder for Hustler or one of the raunchier smut publications.

In 1924 The Daily News merged with the Modesto News-Herald and became the Modesto News-Herald.Hooters looks elsewhere, in 1994, some folks railed against Hooters - a restaurant famous for its Buffalo wings and scantily clad waitresses (and not necessarily in that order) - when it wanted to come to Modesto.

"I will happily take down my piece if it's deemed inappropriate for the gallery she said.Teacher Resources, to view over 300 instructional resources, including high quality teacher guides, serial stories, student supplements, bullying/character education materials, numerous subject-specific resources, video audio teacher training modules, and the popular NIE Instructional Calendar click here.