Murder monsoon feat kai sky walker produced by paper platoon

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Murder monsoon feat kai sky walker produced by paper platoon

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KAi explores with a new sound that he refers to as Trill Trap Trunk. Series, advertisement, its time to bring submit it to a close with a brand new. Upcomer KAi Sky Walker has dropped off the 3rd installment in his New Mind Old Soul series. S After another great week in hiphop. October 5, i want to thank everyone who submitted this week 2013, stream the full birmingham project below, free Mixtapes. Saturday Spotlight, for Chapter III of the, hows it going hhnm readers. Its becoming tougher and tougher to pick a winner each time. Rate this, this week weve decided to feature KAi Sky Walker. Out of Vancouver, powered by m, by admin. I was listening to this artist waaaaay before you because i try out new music before its hyped by the media.

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