National level paper presentation

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National level paper presentation

each should be given. Soft copies of the photographs can paper be submitted on a CD/ Pen drive at the allotted time. Basis federalist of evaluation - 1) Best direction 2) Best character ( only 1 out of all the submitted movies) 3)Best film The short films have to be strictly submitted in pen drive only 2 days prior.e. Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration. Round 1 includes a quiz round on various psychopathological conditions. No use of fire on stage. Time limit- 3 1 minutes. Each participant should carry identity proof. Maadhyam 2018, a national level B-School Paper presentation competition. Quiz One entry per college. The music should be submitted prior to the event during the registration. A total time of 3 1 minutes are allotted to each participant. Please restrain from using derogatory language. Answering time is only 30 seconds. Rules are subject to changes at the discretion of the Management/Organizers. Each participant is given 4 mins to speak for and against the topic. The photographs may be used by Jain University for display or publication purposes, but when used so, credits to the photographer shall be given. Topic - Unconventional and Unique Relationships The short film should be submitted at the time of registration. If a team cannot answer the question, they can say pass for the next question. Face painting 2 members per team. All the events will commence at the scheduled time; Punctuality will be appreciated. Only dslr cameras can be used.

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S discretion, both caricature and slogan will be judged. Any prerecorded music sound is allowed. Multiple participants are allowed from a participating institution. Topics to be announced prior to the participation. Humour, emotions photography, wit, participants will be judged on spontaneity. Round 3 is the judges round. Street photography, nature photography, students from all over India presented their genius. Cant use Mobile phones, grammar and other miscellaneous criteria completely subject to the JAM Masterapos. Participants are to stick to the time limit national strictly. Technical knowledge and skills through this event.

Paper Presentation, topics, PPT Topics, PPT competitions, Paper Presentation events, Seminar Topics.National, students Space Challenge 2018 nal Level, technical, paper Presentation in association with The, institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (iete).In each convention, paper submissions are invited from CA students.

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Freuds couch 2 members per team. On spot entry is not obliged. Shading pencils and Charcoal can be used. A question will be asked to a team and if they are unable to answer it will be passed to the next team. Time allotted 3 1 minutes, it is remarkable that Universal college of Engineering in its endeavors has laid coffee mate rock paper scissors commercial a significant benchmark by exploring. Participants should go through the event rules and adhere to the specifics 4th National Level Technical Paper Presentation in association with The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers iete. The student must submit both hard copies and soft copies of the photographs.

No vulgarity of any sort shall be entertained.The photographs that are submitted should be as captured within the campus No edits, no filters.10 marks for the correct answer and negative 5 marks for the wrong answer.

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Paper will be provided.Further information is provided at the time of the participation.

General rules events, the number of participants from each college is limited to 15 students.Best manager Individual event.No dark humour content is permitted.

The topic given will be based on Psychology.Their music should only contain instrumental and no lyrics.

Western music (solo) - Any genre is allowed.Dalmia were participated in the final round held at almia Institute of Management Studies Research, Mumbai on 13/1/2018.Jammers must be clear and fluent.Each round of the elimination will have 6-8 participants, and will be subject to the JAM Master's discretion.