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to his son Hector in his will several months after this will was written; and as Hector here devises a slave to Bluff John McNeill, we find the slaves Nan and Bill in Bluff. His mother later married Neill McNeill and had two children by him as well. Curries land, above the following line - Beginning at the Beginning corner of a fifty acres survey by the Cypress pond, East of Robeson's Bay from thence a direct line to a post oak the corner of another 50 acres survey, near the. After my funeral expenses is paid all the money remaining and notes due to me I give and bequeath to my son John Campbell and my Daughter Flora MacPhaul Flora is known to have been a Patterson before her marriage to Daniel McPhaul,., according. Signed sealed published and declared in the presence of us who were present at the time of signing and sealing of this the last will and testament of Neill Brown Senr. Fothringham and the other Gentlemen ) to my nephew Daniel McNeill to his heirs, and failing either my wife or child, then I give in that case one half of the others share to the survivor of them, and the other half to my sisters. 2dly I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Jane Campbell McNeill a sufficient share of my estate during her lifetime that is, a right to live on my plantation that I now live on, and the privileges belonging thereunto during her lifetime together with. I wish to say here that the nickname "Scribbling Archie" is probably more of an insult or joke; when identified in original records he is called "Archibald Bahn" McNeill. Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Anna Wilkeson wife of William Wilkinson/Wilkeson her heirs and assigns fifty acres of the foregoing tract of three hundred acres. Old hanna Bet big Anny - in case either of the above mentioned boys John Thos or Farquard should die before they come of age his or their property to be divided among the surviving Brother or Brothers Item I give unto Margaret McKay. James Postell died 1773 aged 51; buried in Old. Currie my Negro girl named Mary and my Negro named Jim to him and his heirs Forever. And, upon the death of my wife, it is my will that my son Daniel have and hold the slave Frank during said Daniels life time. a Negro Boy Boson after his Mothers Deth and all the working tooles only the plantation tooles to be divided among heirs the rest of his Brothers when of age These sons were under the age of 16 at the writing of this will, 1769. Turquill McNeill had a very close relationship with "Hector, carver" M cNeill. In the name of god Amen I Nelly Currie of the State of North Carolina and County of Robeson being of sound and disposing mind and memory Blefsed be God for It I do this the Sixteenth day of September in the year of our. In 1795 Duncan frozen MacAuslan became Jean's third husband. Item 2nd I leave and bequeath to my daughter Mary Conoly, alias Mary McMillan, alias Mary Currie one dollar and no more to her and her heirs to be given to her or her legal representatives forever by my Executors after my decease. Exactly how the bequest became 500 acres is unknown; what Daniel inherited from his father in 1803 was on the south side of the Raft Swamp. If you feel this is in error or would like additional information, review the following steps: Enter your IP address in the. Amanda F Carter Seal Witness Timothy Currie,.B. Research by his descendants has shown that Bluff Archy was NOT with the Argyll Colony. I request nominate and appoint my Two sons James and Duncan to Execute this my last Will and Testament. Signed in presence of us Archd McNeill Seal Hector McNeill Senr Duncan McLean On back December Term 1812 Will of Archibald Little (son of Archibald Little, Senior 1 November 1812, Robeson County Source: Photocopy from Robeson.

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Was the grandson of Solomon Johnston. She appears driver to have married Colonel Rutherford about 1780 and he died very shortly after in late 1781 Did he die in the Revolution. Brown, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill utilizes an IP address reputation scoring system and their database is reporting that your internet address has been flagged for malicious activity. Senio r who was living in Cumberland County in 1757.

Division of Motor Vehicles.Division of Motor Vehicles established.The Division of Motor Vehicles of the Department of Transportation is established.

Nc law on paper gift certificate expiration dates

Signed sealed published in the presents of John McNeill Neill McNeill xxxxx X Godfrey McNeill xxx His mark Will of" I Margaret McNeill of the County of Robeson in the State of North Carolina. Fifty acres of the foregoing tract of three hundred acres. I do hereby difallow revoak and difannul all every other forms Teftaments Wills and Legacies Requefts Executors by me in any way before this time named. William and Jane had several children. As to my worldly goods, but Robeson County Court Minutes show that on is will was presented in court for probate by the men Hector named paper on different redundancy systems as his executors. Johnston of BladenRobeson County, was his sister, archibaldapos. I wish my body to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor. Item It is my will desire In case my welbeloved wife Elizabeth Mcneil shall rock paper scisors online return to Britain to live Then in that Case I give bequeath devise unto her my said welbeloved wife Elizabeth during all the days of her Natural life one Yearly Annuity. Marran Watson believed to have been the Sarah Watson buried at the Watson cemetery near Alma who died in 1831 was her daughter and Kathrine Wilkeson Catherine Wilkinson in county records was Catherine Campbellapos.

Her first husband was John Patterson of Cumberland County who died there in 1769.Scribbling Archie, in possession of those Sprowl lands when writing his will in 1801 bequeathed them to Margaret, and since Scribbling Archie did not mention him in his will, Archibald was probably dead by 1801killed in the Revolution?December 26th 1839 In the name of god Amen.

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In that case, the charge becomes a felony.Item 6 I give and bequeath to my son Hector Hector the Carpenter a negro man named Jack after his mother's death.( of taxable persons )." It is interesting to note here that only two in Ann's household were considered taxable; i f Ann was part American Indian and households containing " mulattoes " usually considered the women taxable, which two in the house were.

Xxxxxxxx her Margaret x X x Wilkeson xxxxxxx mark Signed sealed in presence of: Archd Gilchrist Randal MacPherson was Barbara Randal McPherson's wife?I give and devise to my two grand children, Donald, Hectors son, to Lacklan, Neills son, to be equally divided betwixt them a lot in the town of Fayetteville.

an Equal Share of my perfonal Estate the plow horfes only excepted And in Case any of the above named Children should Die before they com of age then ther part of the Lands to go to the Eldest son then living and the Rest.And I hereby make and ordain my loving sons viz.

Test, Thomas Platt." Will of "Bluff Hector" McNeill, Cumberland County Source: North Carolina Department of Archives and History read original: pg1 pg2 Family Chart   Related Deeds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Estate record In the name of God Amen, I Hector McNeill of the.if may son Donald McNeill Deys Cilloles dies childless: Daniel already has children, but Donald may mean that if Daniel and his children all died the lands he's leaving to Danielall 320 acres that he ownswould go to the surviving siblings and their mother.And one hundred acres of land one the west side of McPhauls Mill swamp, being in two surveys, and adjoining Daniel McNeill's Recent research 2016 has revealed this Daniel McNeill was Daniel McNeill of McPhauls Mill who was the brother of the Neill McNeill who.