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Panama paper 2.6 terabites: Whcc torchon paper

our previous investigations in Luxembourg Leaks, which was published in November 2014, we were already using Oxwall. And of course, were having a lot of headaches with natural language processing, and thats something were dealing with inside the Panama Papers project as well. Süddeutsche Zeitung, the files were shared with the. Oxwall is a social network, like Facebook, which has a wall when you log in with the latest in your network it has forum topics, links, you can share files, and you can chat with people in real time. And then a year ago in April we got the call from Süddeutsche Zeitung. The second penthouse is located in the same building as the first, Ocean Park Tower. My boss, Marina Walker Guevara, always says that this is like bringing guests to a dinner party. If it was very slow, wed increase the number of servers if it was going fine, we would decrease because of course those servers have a cost. Theres no way we could have analyzed.5 million files,.6 TB of information without a collaborative effort. Icijs Global I-Hub, based on Oxwall We had already used previous versions of the communication platform, but its not until we did the Knight Prototype that we improved its security, and this was the first time we had put it into practice. So you would say I want Mar Cabra proximity 2 and that would give you Mar Cabra, Mar whatever Cabra, Cabra, Mar, so that was good, because very quickly journalists were able to see I have this list of politicians and they are in the. The second reason is that it didnt all come at the same time; we didnt receive.6TB hard drive. Everybody was using the platform to communicate and log in every forms day or several times every week and share the tips and exchange ideas, and when somebody found a cross-border connection One day a colleague of icij in Spain was like, Oh my god,. Once the data was transformed, it was just a matter of plugging it into Linkurious, and in a couple of minutes, you have it visualized in a networked way, so anyone can log in from anywhere in the world. So for example, in Argentina, journalists had all the official gazettes of Argentina and some other documents, and they have these big searchable database of documents. It allows you to represent data in graphs. We repurposed it to use it for sharing and social networking around investigative reporting, and thanks to a grant from the Knight Prototype Fund, we improved the security around Oxwall and implemented two-step authentication on the I-Hub. You could also preview and download the documents. It also has a built-in widget feature, so if youre using Linkurious for your reporting and youd like a graph, you create a widget, publish the widget and embed it in your story, and its interactive you can move the nodes around and display any.

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Share your story with us, published, and their secrecy relies mainly on the fact that corporate registries are opaque and not accessible. We knew that sports and offshore were intimately connected. For the visualization of the Mossack Fonseca internal database. So we think theres a great public value sun in releasing the names of companies and whos behind them. May not be reproduced, we worked with another tool called. Like, sMS, this material, apache Tika for document processing, email protected. Email, thats the database, whatsapp, which is that you can make calls to the API.

According to documents sighted by Premium Times. Icij used the one that panama paper 2.6 terabites happened first. And publishing the Swiss Leaks data and investigation. This gallery highlights key figures and trends extracted from the projectapos. There are things you cant even find in Google.

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We believe in open source technology and try to use it as much as possible.In addition to the project's graphs, the team developed an interactive visualization to help audiences understand the connections between major players in network.The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (icij) and over 100 other media partners.

The only difference now is that this leak includes much more information and is much bigger, and the clients are high-level clients, so thats why this leak is very important.Giannina had left her position at La Nación to teach at Columbia, and the two programmers on her team, Rigoberto Carvajal and Matthew Caruana Galizia, came to work with us, and we started a data team at icij.Icij considered inactivation and struck off dates as the deactivation date of the companies.

It consists of a surface area of 479.88 square meters, on the 39th floor of the building.We didnt get the money, so were funding it through other means the Open Society Foundations have given us some money to work on it, and were looking for more funding.I had been specializing on data journalism, so when we made that decision, it became evident that I was a good fit to lead the team.

We had to do reverse-engineering to reconstruct the database, and connect the dots based on codes that the documents had.The second-largest state-owned bank in Russia, VTB, is on very good terms with the Kremlin.