Paper digipak

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Paper digipak

complete this form. All fields are required. Your friend's email Purchase. When you want a major-label-quality. Digipak, only Disc Makers delivers. Thats because Disc Makers Digipaks are crafted to perfection from only the finest materials, including full-color printing, using only non-toxic, vegetable-based, biodegradable inks for rich, vibrant look that is unsurpassed in the industry. The paper on the most well-loved digipack cases was also prone to peeling apart and separation.

Inside paper digipak and back panels, add Pocket for Insert, left Panel Slit for Insert. Looking for ways to cut your manufacturing costs is important. Digipaks make a great statement about the quality of your content.

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D, welllove" add Slit on Center Panel, digipacks were first created by MeadWestvaco. We will create a slit in the inside right panel of the package that is designed to hold a booklet insert. Today, there was paper digipak nothing else to hold it in place. The paper on the most" The CD could fall out of the bottom of the paper sleeve because unlike jewel cases " this is the most cost effective way to add a place that will securely paper digipak hold an insert. If you choose this option along with one of our printed insert booklets we will also insert it for you at no additional cost. There is a renewed focus on environmentallyfriendly packaging which has led to some major design changes to the traditional digipack.

While they were considered the more premium CD packaging option, they were also more expensive than traditional liner notes and plastic jewel cases.As the format became more popular and began to be used by more manufacturers, however, the generic term "digipack" came to be used to describe all soft paper-based CD packaging (much like Kleenex is used to describe tissues or Xerox to describe a photocopier). .

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Other digipack options exist today that no longer require the inner plastic piece, but they are less common.Though they didn't crack like jewel cases, they were prone to scratches and rips meaning that they began to show signs of wear much sooner.Add Slit on Left Panel, we will create a slit in the inside left panel of the package that is designed to hold a booklet insert.

Stretching your budget because you like the look and premium feel of a digipack is not a good investment.Digipack-style cases continued to grow in popularity among record labels in the early 2000s.The digipack design did not offer as much protection overall since the outer portion was made of paper, so the teeth that held the CD in place cracked and fell out easily. .

We will create a pocket much like a pocket folder has on the inside right panel of the package.Premium printed board stock packaging with a clear plastic tray inside to hold your discs, Digipaks offer a beautiful and eco-friendly way to store, package and promote your audio or film projects.

Digipaks are the modern go-to retail packaging choice for CDs and DVDs.The three-section digipack sleeves also opened up more design options because there was more space.Consider, too, that CD packaging is unlikely to be high on most up-and-coming musicians' to-do list in the age of digital music distribution and streaming music.