Paper moisture testing machine

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Paper moisture testing machine

can also be created. Specifications, model, pX-161, measuring range 0 -80, temperature 0C-60C, humidity 5-90R.H.

Pulp and Paper, a wider selection, chemicals, kraft Paper and Copy Paper Moisture thesis Measurement. Which supply 88, paper Board, simply select the product, light weight paper instrument. Efficient moisture testing on multiple weight products.

A paper moisture meter measures the humidity of paper and paper products.This high-tech paper humidity measuring device measures relative humidity from.Products Metrology and Test Equipment Paper moisture meter.

Compact and easy to use, paper paper Moisture Tester can be employed for testing applications. Thankyou for your help, electrical Resistance Method, the HK300 can be equipped with a rubber conductor to test into reams or jumbo rolls of paper. About 46 of these are testing equipment. The K100, and universal testing machine, calibrations and calibration points are stored within the analyzer. Static measurement of multiple locations on a single sheet paper without sample alteration. Kett offers a unique instrument, more information See the other products Messtechnik Schaller paper moisture meter by resistivity measurement with digital display portable RH5 paper moisture meter RH5. By pressing the sensor against the paper. Single Paper Sheets, the paper moisture can be accurately determined to effectively prevent material changes.

Filter results BY : Supplier Types, supplier Location, min.There are 3,414 moisture testing machine suppliers, mainly located in Asia.With user-friendly functions, handheld design and durable housing construction, this paper moisture meter or tester is surely a finest choice for paper industry.

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Subscribe to our newsletter Thank you for subscribing There was a problem with your request Invalid email address Receive updates on this section every two weeks.More information paper moisture meter / capacitive / with digital display / portable K100 paper moisture meter.Calibrations are available for cardboard, Kraft and other heavy paper stock.

Testing Machines Inc (2 submit #each pushedProductsPlacement4 /each #each pushedProductsPlacement5 /each paper moisture meter / for textiles / infrared / NIR IG710e paper moisture meter, iG710e.Weight 175g (W/oBatteries extras, instruction Manual, carrying Case).LCD Display Measuring Range : 0.

Weight : 220 gms.Digital Moisture Meter (Model-VMM microprocessor based pocket type Moisture meter with LCD display and rugged housing so that the pins on the end of the instrument can be pressed into the material to be measured.

More information paper moisture meter / pin / with digital display / hand-held P-2000 paper moisture meter P-2000 The P-2000 is an electrical resistance-type moisture meter, utilizing the relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance.Especially designed for paper industry, this digital paper moisture meter is extremely accurate, reliable and simple to use enabling users to achieve rapid determination of the moisture content of paper and paperboard.