Patent vs journal paper

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Patent vs journal paper

supporting figures) and a discussion of the results. It is important to note that a patent examiner may not patent (and often does not) have the same level of expertise as a manuscript reviewer. Unlike a publication, patents carry legal weight. For informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. Medical Diagnostic Tests: Are they patentable? The pursuit and propagation of science is a primary goal of such research. From these applications, the examiner has developed an understanding of the current state of the art against which she measures the inventive contribution described in the application. Ok, I can answer this because I went through this personally in the same field. Often, a secondary (and sometimes equally important goal) is generation of intellectual property, which can generate revenue for further research and spin off start-ups that may become the next Fortune 500 company or spawn its own industry. Publications and future academic career in computer science: Academic Currency : If you look at the university you want to attend, and then check the difference between a head of research group. Legal advice of any nature should be sought from legal counsel. Content, some content is common to a manuscript and an application. The National Institutes of Health, The National Science Foundation private entities (e.g. Think About it the other way : Now in terms of intelectial properties, not all the universities have the staff to pay, so that they can draft the IP, and chase if for X amount of months to see the results. It might help you to convince a good professor to take you for his/her research project, because you understand the logistics of uniquness and freshness of an idea. The manuscript sometimes has a more robust Discussion section compared to Materials and Methods because the focus of the manuscript is often on the latter than the former. Indeed, an application can be filed without actually performing the experiment as long as the experiment is well thought out and is not limited to being conceptual. Confirm that you would also like to sign up for free personalized email coaching for this stage. 2017 Fish Richardson.C. Also, compared to publishing in journals, obtaining a patent is expensive. The patent examiner is a member of a Technology Center that examines hundreds (even thousands) of applications directed to similar technology. Patent and Trademark Office (uspto) decides to grant a patent on the invention, the patent application issues as a patent. From the quality of the papers to quality of softwre the academics produce, your mind will probably force you to go back to industry once in a while; because you will see lecturers who kissed programming languages goodbaye BUT they keep publishing papers and. Some lingo before we go further a document that describes an invention for which a patent is sought is called a patent application. If the manuscript is technically accurate and the conclusions are sound and logical, the reviewer typically recommends that the manuscript publish. Because the hypothesis is new, the experiments themselves or the instrumentation journal used to perform the experiments were also new.

C, university faculty and their research teams are constantly pushing the frontiers of science and engineering in their laboratories. However at the moment at least. Posted make a 3d boat with paper 31st May 2017 by Jane Williams. There is an option to attempt publishing in another journal. As defined in the Claims, explore your Publication Stages, analogously. It is also impressive to have it on your university profile. If one journal declines to publish a manuscript.

A patent, may only be applicable in research related to biological, physical or ch emical sciences.I am sure that there is no need to talk about article vs patent.

Because the academicsacademicsapos, the application patent also describes the set of experiments andor the instrumentation. The publications play an important rule. When the invention is a time machine.


These materials may be considered advertising for legal services under the laws and rules of professional conduct of the jurisdictions in which we practice.However, all of them are outside computer science field.Review, the manuscript is submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, where, after a journal editors initial approval, fellow researchers with expertise in the scientific area, scrutinize the scientific concept and the results, and provide their recommendation on whether the journal should publish the manuscript.

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In the application, on the other hand, the description of the experiment and the instrumentation is given equal, if not more emphasis, than the results of the experiments.The Claims define the metes and bounds of the inventive concept, and are entirely legal in nature.

An application, on the other hand, is a closed universe.Well, there are academics I know personally, who mastered the patents' workflow by hiring other people, and they do produce a number of patents, once in a while.

Interested in knowing more?His practice includes all aspects of patent law focusing on domestic and international patent preparation and prosecution in a broad range of technological areas.Conducting research is the first and most exciting step in a researcher's journey.

Whereas the focus of the manuscript is on propagation of the new hypothesis, that of the application is on describing the experiments and/or the instrumentation in such detail that a fellow researcher could readily duplicate the experiments to verify the hypothesis.A manuscript reviewer checks the manuscript for technical accuracy and assesses the experiments and validity of the conclusions drawn from the results of the experiments.