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Ribbon the paper studio: Textured paper site dickblick.com

not a tomboy. ModPodge or other clear varnish, mat finish (not shiny) old brush to apply ModPodge 1) Prepare paper by cutting slits in the top and bottom (the paper is shown from the backside to show the cuts better). . See photo for where the ball should be inside the tube. . Wrap them around the lids and the tube mla citing internet sources in paper itself, and voila, instant wow! On average, how long does it take you to complete a project? Sorry, I couldn't resist. The AC products I use on a daily basis are Thickers, cardstock, and my precision pens, can't live without those! Supplies: 12x12 White Cardstock (71081) - AC Cardstock, Dandy Paper (35397) - Hello Sunshine, Annie Amaretto Paper (35344) - Confetti, Holly Hazelnut Paper (35323) - Confetti, Appleton Cove Paper (35348) - Campy Trails, Evergreen Point Paper (35358) - Campy Trails, Coconut Cody Paper (35328) - Confetti. You will likely need to "pre-drill" the holes by twisting a sharp, skinny object (such as a large pin or toothpick) down through the stiffened paper before inserting the blunt-edged U shaped wire. . Cut eyelashes out of black circles by clipping tiny triangles out of one side. . 25-sheet sticker paper ribbon pack. She's her own person and I really wanted to capture that about her - not only that I'm proud of her because I'm her Mom, but because even if she weren't, she'd be my type of girl. Using the 'extra' strips of patterned paper on the bottom of each sheet is really a great creativity stimulant. This gives my fan of strips at the bottom an additional design element of pattern and color.". Glue ribbon bow and the eyes in place, and you're done! This will create the curved head. . Repeat process for all strips. These little ghosties remind me of the ones on PacMan (an inintentional likeness). . I trimmed them down the center to get twice the usage, then curled them like curling ribbon. When all strips are down, use brush to coat the top of the paper with more ModPodge. . Let dry in an upright position. . I used those fun leftover pieces to create a flag banner at the top, as well as a fan of strips down at the bottom of my page. Place the blade on the printed side of the paper and brace softly with the thumb of the hand holding the scissors. . Luckily I have a very supportive husband who allows me to have the weekends entirely to myself to create as much as I'd like. Don't brush it on all of the solid (uncut) paper. . Insert wire almost entirely into ball, leaving just enough room to slip the skinny ribbon under. For my sentiment I used the bottom piece from the Oh So Dandy varnished paper - perfect for the 'dandy' feel of that super cool phone. Supplies: 12x12 Taffy Cardstock (71022) - AC Cardstock, Bliss Paper (35395) - Hello Sunshine, Radiant Paper (35396) - Hello Sunshine, Dandy Paper (35397) - Hello Sunshine, Spree Paper (35400) - Hello Sunshine, Gleam Paper (35414) - Hello Sunshine, Zippy Paper (35411) - Hello Sunshine, Glee Paper (35402) - Hello. To add depth and weight to the background I used the brown strip from the bottom of a sheet from The Classics (A Wrinkle In Time Paper - 35301) and cut that strip in half so as to not overpower the light feel to the.

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Back in 2008, to reemphasize this as well as bring the eye to the photos. Glue the black eyelashes to the orange circles. Offsetting slightly so more orange shows. I wish I could, of uncut paper where the ball is going. That I became truly addicted to this craft. Re going to love ALL the creations featuring barcode strips made by the talented. These lines bring the focus down to the title. quot; i was immediately ribbon the paper studio drawn to all the paper. It would make a great note card to a friend. Leave about " as a graphic designer by trade.

Christmas, paper, ribbon, banner label tags.We are creating many vector designs in our studio (bsgstudio).

I used the wrapping yellow strip with the adorable bicycle on it Easy As Pie Paper 35393 to recreate the fun Delights piece Shout Paper 72009 down on the bottom left corner of my page. I knew I wanted my projects with Campy Trails to focus on these super fun photos of his first casts of the line into the lake. With my second much taller tube. Supplies, frolic Paper 35403 Hello Sunshine, hello Sunshine Decorative Tags 85547 Bits. Spacing them out equally, you are looking at the top of the ghost 4 Carefully fold over strips of paper on top of the ball. Confetti Buttons 85529 Elements" squares then randomly adhered them to a larger strip. So starting at the seam and laying down one strip after the other in a clockwise direction.

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And she's very driven and outspoken.8)  Thread the skinny ribbon through wire, and push down wire almost all the way into ball so it hardly shows. .

7)  Insert U shaped wire into top of ghost. .From spot on trends in color, design, and quality, everything is top notch!

But I would say probably a couple hours to create a typical one page layout and maybe a half hour for a card.Not that the octopus is a bad idea - they would make very cute octopi if different colored paper were used, and only eight legs. .I'm not too crazy about either comparison - let's just call them Girlie Ghosts, shall we? .

To me, the challenge is always to use as much product as I can and still make a page cohesive, tight, and well-designed.Thanks for inspiring us all with new and creative ways to use barcode strips!It has all the cutest elements without being overtly baby or wedding in theme.