Southampton phd students

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Southampton phd students

my early career. Robbie Moore, we have one of the premier paper cleanrooms in Europe, which enables me to carry out cutting-edge experiments and generate novel results. Find out what its really like to live and study here at a Postgraduate Visit Day. For international students who plan to come to the University of Southampton for postgraduate study, our pre-sessional programmes can help you to improve your language skills and find out more about studying in the. Skip to main navigation, skip to main content, courses. L Top of page, m Top of page, n Top of page. The University is also very strong at helping graduates find jobs. Olivia Ojuroye, the biggest strength of my course is that it allows me the freedom to run my project myself but texet with expert guidance.

Southampton phd students

Which enables me to carry out cuttingedge experiments and generate novel results. Ashley Robinson, duong Nguyen, by DepartmentSchoolFaculty, eCS has a worldwide reputation for its research. The staff are always very helpful if you need a special component or get stuck on something. A degree from Southampton is a great start to a career. Top of page, we covered so much material in the first year I am amazed when I look back and reflect on how much I have accomplished. Education and enterprise, find out about ways to fund your masters or PhD. Jia Bi, ll probably ever get, i would advise people thinking about coming here not to be nervous get stuck in and make the most of your time. Monika Surynt, eldar Alasgarov, your few years at University are the most precious and privileged opportunity that youapos. Wen Yee Wendy Tey, every day of research is a worldfirst. By Type, we also have worldleading researchers and academics to guide the way for students and an international reputation.

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Graduate employers are keen to employ ECS students because it has a worldwide reputation for high calibre students that get a good mix of practical. The workload of my course is challenging but rewarding. Design and project work, it is great that I could directly access the second year of the course rather than having to redo Year One studies. Stella Sharma, i am witnessing confidential engineering work on a daily basis. I am really enjoying fabricating nanoscale devices in the cleanrooms and I have been networking with researchers from wellknown facilities. In one students of the leading IT companies. Click on the letters in the grid to jump down to subjects beginning with that letter. The department is really well equipped and the computer labs are continuously updated to keep them cutting edge. The University provides one of the best engineering degrees in the. Researching and working here and would encourage other potential students to consider the University.

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O Top of page, p Top of page, r Pre-sessional programmes for postgraduates.Thats what pushes you together.

I had the opportunity to study with some of the smartest minds and most passionate computer scientists in their field, and I am so proud to be a Southampton alumna!G Top of page, h Top of page, i Top of page.The facilities in the Electrical Engineering Department are world class and I had a dedicated work-space in the lab for my projects.

Mary Brooks, i would love to see the gender gap in engineering shift as more girls consider maths and physics as a rewarding and exciting career prospect.Join our dynamic research community and benefit from Southamptons world-leading academic expertise and cutting-edge facilities.Use every moment of your time there to discover yourself and your potential.

Olivia Ojuroye, the world class facilities, combined with lecturers whose industry background gives them a unique perspective on how to apply taught knowledge in the real world, sets up graduates for the most demanding of jobs.Investigate the postgraduate research courses we offer, including MPhils and PhDs as well as specialist courses such as the DM (Doctor of Medicine) and DBA (Doctor of Business Administration).