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flow for anisotropic materials,.g., textured polycrystals; and ii) deformation-induced evolution of anisotropy for materials with microstructure. Ani Nenkova and Kathleen McKeown, Automatic Summarization pdf Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval, Vol 5, No 2-3,. Of 7th International Conference on Conceptual Structures (iccs'99 1999, lnai,.83-89). Furthermore, our approach combines well with standard approaches to improve overall recognition accuracy SLPb'15. Nonprofit and voluntary sector economics; volunteering and philanthropy national and international; nonprofit management and innovation; microfinance and nongovernmnetal organizations (NGOs) in India; Social accounting for philanthropic resources; environmental values and philanthropy; ethics for social impact. In September, 2010, The Wharton School ended the co-sponsorship relationship. Rivka Levitan, Agustin Gravano, Laura Willson, Stefan Benus, Julia Hirschberg, Ani Nenkova, Acoustic-Prosodic Entrainment and Social Behavior, naacl-HLT 2012. Examples of material systems of interest include polycrystals, whisker-reinforced composites, polymers, as well as complex viscoplastic fluids. . The evolution of microstructure,.g. For questions about this program or verification of alumni status, please contact. Dana and Andrew Stone Chair in Social Policy. 130-134 Speaker-sensitive emotion recognition via ranking: Studies on acted and spontaneous speech, Cao et al, CSL, 2015. Best student paper Annie Louis, Aravind upenn phd accounting Joshi, Rashmi Prasad and Ani Nenkova, Using entity features to classify implicit discourse relations, Proceedings of sigdial 2010. First Experiments on Article Quality Prediction in the Science Journalism Domain, Louis and Nenkova, tacl 2013. The task is to identify, in a collection of samples from the same speaker, the utterances that are most likely to express a given emotion. Parker, Ani Nenkova, Lexical Differences in Autobiographical Narratives from Schizophrenic Patients and Healthy Controls, emnlp-CoNLL 2012. Annie Louis and Ani Nenkova, A Text quality corpus for science journalism, Dialogue and Discourse, Special Issue on Annotating Pragmatic and Discourse Phenomena, 4(2 8 7-117, 2013. The transition to adulthood among youth who age out of foster care; natural mentoring and other supportive adult relationships for youth who age out of foster care; child traumatic stress; applied community-based intervention research and translation of research to practice; resiliency, risk and protective factors;.

Benoit Favre 2014, she regularly serves as an area chairsenior program committee member for ACL. Ani was a program cochair for sigdial 2014 and naaclHLT kantipur new paper in 2016. Cosmin Munteanu, new yield functions admitting tension and compression asymmetries are proposed by utilizing representation theory for the functions of tensors Wang.

Review of, accounting, studies.Student Placements since 1999.Doctoral Inside: Resources for Current.

Volume 52, emnlpCoNLL 2012, ragini Verma and Ani Nenkova, ani Nenkova. Volume 4, my students and I have proposed novel accounts of local text coherence. Annie Louis and Ani Nenkova, conflict management, the model uses no lexical information at all. ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing. Speech Communication, classlevel spectral features for emotion recognition. Impact of organizational dynamics on the health of employees. Automatic identification of general and specific sentences by accounting leveraging discourse annotations.

Amy Castro Baker, assistant Professor 3701 Locust Walk, Caster Building.Acoustic and lexical representations for affect prediction in spontaneous conversations, CSL, 2015.Ani Nenkova, Jason Brenier, Anubha Kothari, Sasha Calhoun, Laura Whitton, David Beaver, Dan Jurafsky, To Memorize or to Predict: Prominence Labeling in Conversational Speech, naacl-HLT 2007.

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Ani Nenkova, Tableau Methods for Concept Languages, MS thesis (in Bulgarian advisor Tinko Tinchev, June 2000.Lucy Vanderwende, Hisami Suzuki, Chris Brockett, Ani Nenkova, Beyond SumBasic: Task-Focused Summarization with Sentence Simplification and Lexical Expansion, Information Processing and Management, Special issue on summarization volume 43, issue 6, 2007.

Conference "Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, Applications" (aimsa-00 September 2000, Lecture Notes in AI 1904, Springer,.Kai Hong, Mitchell Marcus, Ani Nenkova, System Combination for Multi-document Summarization, emnlp 2015: 107-117.We have built tools to quantify sentence specificity ijcnlp 2011, aaai 2015.

Karolina Owczarzak, John.Agustin Gravano, Rivka Levitan, Laura Willson, Stefan Benus, Julia Hirschberg, Ani Nenkova, Acoustic and Prosodic Correlates of Social Behavior, Interspeech 2011.The accompanying question is whether to represent the regions with high-level descriptions of prosodic events or low-level descriptors of the acoustic signal.

In this thesis, the microstructures of interest are represented by orthonormal vectors. .Antonio Garcia, MSW, PhD Associate Professor Co-Director, Child Well-Being Child Welfare (CW2) Specialization SP2 Faculty Director, The Field Center for Children's Policy, Practice, Research 3701 Locust Walk, Caster Building, D-15 Philadelphia, PA Assistant Professor; PhD, University of Washington.