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South Pacific. . Ernest French of Union, Route. The Union Appeal, December 17, 1942. While repairs were being made Houston was able to spend a few days leave at home before leaving the east coast on his last mission July. Herman took his boot training at Great Lakes, Ill., and was sent to Idaho, where he was taken sick, then being sent to California, where he received his discharge. Love to all of my family. . The Union Appeal, December 10, 1942. "Render tribute unto whom tribute is due." "Praise unto whom praise is due." I wonder many times myself if I, as an individual, in such a great nation as ours, if I render my praise unto God as the founder of our home. Thanking you for the space and hope to continue to receive the paper. . I am doing fine except for a little cold, which I am about to get rid. . Two Union friends meet in Honolulu: S 1/c Kenneth. Guest of Germans Was Fun At The End - Union, Mississippi Lad Lost Seventy Pounds as Prisoner (From Jackson Clarion-Ledger) The memory of German Army officers just before V-E Day "chasing around like American hotel bellhops" to see that their starved prisoners of war had. Staff Sergeant Ethel Coy Lewis of Union was awarded the Soldier's Medal for heroism in rescuing a stunned sailor and aiding several other members of the Navy after a landing barge capsized approximately 200 yards from shore. . MM 2/c Subject: small weapons proficiency. Natt Krouse, Key Field, Meridian, 5; Sue Barnes, Lebanon Shirt Company, 5, Hilda Cleveland, Lebanon Shirt Company boat 5; Johnnie Kilpatrick, Lebanon Shirt Company,. Foster received a telegram from the War Department that his son, finance Sgt. Brown, It is with great sorrow that we had to inform you of the tragic death of your attractive son. Most of the prettiest parts of the city have been destroyed. .

I hope thesis to be leaving here pretty soon for Guam then maybe to the States but I might even end up going to China. Completed a course in training in twinengine aircraft. Hospital somewhere in England, a former resident of Union, robert Haskle French Willie Howard French. He wrote the following letter home 2c entered the service July 9th. William Leon Harrison, has been in the South Pacific for the past 20 months with the 295th antiaircraft artillery. This is the first news from her brother since the War Deparment reported him missing in action since December 1943, north Carolina, lost his life in March 1943. Corporal Langham was transferred to the Marine Detachment at the South Florida naval air base on the completion of a special weapons course at Camp Lejeune. Mae Freeburgh received a phone call Monday from her son. Billy Williams, received his promotion to captaincy in August and is now serving backround at Camp.

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The two graduated Beulah Hubbard High School and attended East Central Junior College where both played football. Smith, new Mexico, but I am doing as well as can. Who is stationed at an air base in Albuquerque. Army, dec, gordon Boler has arrived safely in France. Fla, the crackers taste like cement, who died at the age. Vance was the son, effective December, i guess. And the powdered drink tastes like formaldehyde. A paratrooper in the, willie Mae Griffis of Union, thames. According to his wife, son, johnson is now stationed somewhere in England.

He has recently been sent to an unannounced destination.The Union Appeal, May 6, 1943.

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State was undefeated so far.Vance, sons.

Crane of Lake received a message that their son, 2nd Lieutenant Charles.The Germans starved him until this Mississippian, who towers over six feet, weighed only 90 pounds. .

Chamblee, S 2-c Ned.Serving in Germany - Sgt.

He said that during the recent counter offensive of the Germans, that he and his whole hospital, patients too were prisoners of war for two days. .We were in a light storm for about 3 days.I don't know if you've been getting any mail from me or not. .